Struktur Event

The first creative conference for the active outdoor industry.

Portland, OR
May 1-2, 2014

About Struktur

Struktur is the first creative conference for the active outdoor design industry. Join us for two days of bold visionary presentations advancing the design of active outdoor apparel and equipment. Struktur is a cross-disciplinary event, exploring the intersection of user experience, trend research, materials science, and their influence on design. Struktur isn’t a fashion show or a trade show – it’s a chance to experience the breakthrough ideas of a new age of design.

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. — BILL MOYERS


Mike Brown

Alpine Hammock

Mike successfully raised over $42,000 on Kickstarter to produce the Alpine Hammock. He has won a $100k business plan competition, become a finalist in a leading startup accelerator, and has started a new website for outdoor gear sharing called GearCommons.”

Abe Burmeister


Founder of Outlier an urban technical clothing company. Native New Yorker. Previously an information designer and co-founder of One Infinity an animation studio.

Matthew Burnett

Maker’s Row

Matthew Burnett is a Detroit native whose grandfather inspired his interest in manufacturing, as he was a watchmaker by trade. Matthew received a BFA in industrial design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2007. He began his professional career designing watches for Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Diesel. In 2010, Burnett decided to start a line of leather goods (The Brooklyn Bakery) using domestic manufacturers in order to maintain control over the quality of production and form closer relationships with the suppliers and contractors. In 2011 Burnett partnered with Tanya Menendez on The Brooklyn Bakery to manage sales and operations. After pairing with Burnett on the accessories brand, Menendez suggested that they develop a resource that would assist designers in finding American manufacturers. With Burnett’s background in manufacturing and Menendez’s experience with operations, they began to develop the blueprint for what is today, Maker’s Row.

Daniel Clancey

Homeschool Technical Apparel

Homeschool designs and manufactures the most durable, highly breathable outerwear and base layer available. Focusing on the snowboard and outdoor space Homeschool is entering its fourth season in the market and growing rapidly.

I’m originally from Hawaii and came to the mainland to go to college, it was here I discovered snowboarding. I became fascinated with the idea of outerwear and protection from the elements and pursued a career in design having worked for Columbia Sportswear, RIDE and others. Homeschool was founded to create a product with fewer compromises than found at larger companies focusing on the breatheability, durability and a timeless aesthetic.

Prof. Douglas Davidson

Burton Snowboards

Douglas Davidson is a American Industrial Designer and Professor. If you’ve ever bought a backpack or a piece of luggage, there’s a good chance Douglas had a hand in it. He has 18 years of product design and development experience, and has focused for the past 14 years exclusively on backpacks, bags, luggage + other forms of carrying solutions. Based in Vermont, Douglas has worked as the Design Director for The North Face, as well as consulting for a roll call of the big name brands. He currently works for Burton Snowboards as the Design Director of Bag’s and instructs at Art Center College of Design.

Kurt Foster


A long time explorer and lover of the Pacific Northwest, Kurt Foster has spent 20 years wandering it looking for snow and single track. In the last six and half years Kurt has been passionately working for Icebreaker and is also the proud co-owner and Creative Director of Winn Perry & Co. When not working his time is spent playing music, and traveling with wife Kerryn and faithful furry friend Billie the dog.

Robert Fry

Mountain Hardwear

Luck is a skill.

Currently swiftly navigating the knife ridge between big business accountability and enlightened design. There’s a lot of exposure, weather, and sketchy conditions, but the summit is in sight, the route is coming together, and the path back to camp is lovely.

Formerly foolhardy, over-confident under-packer. Luck-to-skill ratio was questionable. Could have used the me-now to advise the me-then.

Mark Galbraith


A 30-year veteran of the outdoor industry, Mark has spent his career challenging traditional assumptions of what “outdoor apparel” looks and functions like. His alternative point of view has steered him through launching his own outdoor and biking apparel company, Sunridge, in the mid-80s to spending eight years at Patagonia as product line Director for all technical apparel. His career path has afforded him the opportunity to learn more about what was in products and to make a difference on a broad scale to change, in some cases, the materials used in outdoor design to have a more positive impact and less of a waste footprint. In 2005, Mark took the ultimate leap of faith and co-founded Nau, a completely new kind of outdoor apparel company based on a high concept retail model and uncompromising design principles of beauty, performance and sustainability. Since its inception, Nau has designed for the next generation of outdoor lifestyle consumers, an audience influenced by urban design and aesthetic, and creating an opportunity to widen awareness for sustainable product and practices beyond core outdoor. As general manager, Mark continues to be a driving force behind Nau’s trend-setting designs and brand positioning that are defining a new “Modern Outdoor” sensibility in the industry. A fusion of fashion and functionality, Nau’s integrated approach to living is connecting with active urbanites and progressive outdoorsmen looking for modern style that performs.

Eryn Gregory

Columbia Sportswear

Eryn Gregory is the Global Director of Fit for Columbia Sportswear. She has spent the last two decades in the outdoor industry at companies such as Nike, Puma, REI, and Umbro, in addition to owning her own creative freelance business for six years. Eryn strives to design and build “gear that disappears”: she believes that the best moment on the mountain, trail, or river is when everything else dissolves into the background… and all you’re left with is the here+now.

She has been lucky enough to work with amazing people in the process, and counts her blessings for workdays spent laughing hard, learning something new, and trying to solve the crap out of any problem that comes her way!

Star Hoerauf

Thrive Clothing

Star Hoerauf is a technical outerwear designer with more than a dozen awards to her name, and a pioneer in the realm of high-performance technical apparel for brands such as The North Face, Patagonia and Arc’teryx. Though Star has spent much of her career innovating synthetic fabrics and cutting edge construction techniques, she is now passionately focused on the use of high-performance natural fibres and small-scale domestic manufacturing. Star is also a mother of two young children, a Waldorf Handwork teacher and an aspiring shepherdess to her sheep and goats.

Ann DeOtte Kaufman

Iva Jean

Ann DeOtte Kaufman is the founder of Iva Jean, a bike fashion and lifestyle brand in Seattle, Washington. Iva Jean provides functional and fashionable clothing – encouraging women to incorporate biking into their everyday lives. Iva Jean was selected as the Fashion Grand Prize Winner in DailyCandy’s Start Small, Go Big Contest 2011; has received both local and national press, with features in Fast Company, Elle Finland, PSFK, Bicycling and Sunset Magazine.

William Lidwell

Stuff Creators Design

William Lidwell is the Director of Design at Stuff Creators Design in Houston, Texas, and a Visiting Scholar with NCR’s Consumer Experience Design Group. He is author of the best-selling book, Universal Principles of Design, which has been translated into more than 25 languages; Deconstructing Product Design, a social deconstruction of 100 classic products; and he has recently produced two video lecture series on design: “How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals” available from The Great Courses, and “The Science of Logo Design” available from

Roman Mars

Host of 99% Invisible

Roman Mars is a public radio producer and reporter. He is the creator of 99% Invisible, a short public radio show about design and architecture. With over 20 million downloads, the 99% Invisible podcast is one of the most popular and highest rated programs in iTunes. 99% Invisible’s season 3 crowd funding campaign broke all previous records for a journalism project on Kickstarter. Fast Company named Mars one of 100 Most Creative People in 2013. He is also a founder of Radiotopia from PRX, a collective of the best audio story-telling programs and podcasts in the world.

Tanya Menendez

Maker’s Row

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tanya studied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at UCSD. Conducting a number of studies on financial technology advancements in Oaxaca, Mexico, she co-authored “The Economics of Migration”, published by the University of California. Shortly thereafter, Menendez joined the Google Strategy and Integration group advising on internal system operations. In 2011 Menendez partnered with Matthew Burnett on The Brooklyn Bakery to manage sales and operations. While at The Brooklyn Bakery, she came up with the idea to create a platform for entrepreneurs to be able to easily access American manufacturers. Combining her experience in operations / automation with Matthew’s experience in global manufacturing, they started Maker’s Row.

Jeanine Pesce


Jeanine Pesce is a writer, stylist and the founder of Range, an editorial platform and creative agency specializing in active trends, color forecasting and marketing. Pesce has been featured in Transworld Business, SNews, Surfer Magazine and contributes to, Outside Television and Textile Insight.

Sara Tunstal


Growing up in her dad’s leather shop in the 80’s, Sara learned just enough about sewn-goods manufacturing to decide it was a terrible career choice. Yet somehow, even after getting a Chemistry degree and an MBA, the allure of making proved too strong. She started Spooltown in 2011 to test the theory that you can run both a successful and ethical factory. Three years, 20 employees and over 100 clients later, she’s learned that visible American manufacturing is a catalyst for social change. Also – it’s pretty great to love what you do.

Jody Turner

Culture of Future

Jody Turner is a Brand Anthropologist working in strategic trend applications. As a designer, Turner combines design thinking with social applications for innovative approach: “Designing social objects is key today in order to address new ways we live, access product, retail experiences and services with meaning.” Turner is currently a collaborator with Hyper Island Stockholm, London and blogs with GOOD.

Alex Valdman

Giro Sport Design

Based in San Francisco, Alex Valdman has been in the garment-game since he was a kid, learning the art of tailoring from his grandfather and the craft of sewing from his mother. Launching his own line, at the height of the streetwear boom in the mid-00s, Alex played a major role in creating custom-made, limited-edition pieces that were adopted by celebrities, tastemakers and even Kanye West. Alex learned the ropes of small business, before moving onto to larger roles within the industry, consulting on denim programs for Supreme, and eventually working for Leviʼs as a Global Menswear Designer focusing on new approaches to contemporary denim, patented hardware and the launch of the Commuter Series.

As his career has evolved, so has his contribution to intelligent design. Currently heading up innovative projects as the Design Director of
 Giro Sport Design, Alex has successfully injected the cycling market with a much-needed aesthetic update with the introduction of the Giro New Road Collection, which has received a Eurobike Award, A Mens Journal Gear of the Year, as well as an Apex Award from Polartec.

Benji Wagner

Poler Outdoor Stuff

Benji is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Poler Outdoor Stuff. He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and 3 beautiful children.

Andrea Westerlind


Andrea Westerlind is a 32 year old Swedish entrepreneur who is bringing diversity to the outdoor market and focusing on delivering it to the urban consumer. She runs a branding, distribution & sales agency for classic international outdoor brands, while also managing the Above Tree Line trade shows. Westerlind was founded with the aim of merging the fashion and outdoor markets, leveraging brands with superior functionality & quality and presenting it to new outdoor consumers with unique story telling merchandising, and distribution.

Notable Westerlind brands include Fjallraven, Armor Lux, Kletterwerks, Giro New Road, and Snow Peak.

Anton Willis

Oru Kayak

Anton Willis grew up  in the woods of Northern California, canoeing and kayaking the area’s lovely rivers, lakes and coast. He took up urban kayaking in the Bay while studying architecture at UC Berkeley. When a move to a small apartment forced his kayak into storage, he started thinking about folding kayaks- and happened to read an article about origami, thus setting the Oru Kayak in motion. He keeps up his love for architecture by very slowly remodeling his house, which he hopes to get into Dwell Magazine someday.


Day 1

9:00 am

Welcome coffee

10:00 am

Opportunity and The New Marketplace
Jody Turner / Culture of Future

Session 1: Presentation
11:00 am

Trend Integration in Design, Marketing and Social Media
Jeanine Pesce / Range

Session 2: Panel
11:30 am

Trend Integration in Design, Marketing and Social Media
Jeanine Pesce / Range
Benji Wagner / Poler Stuff
Alex Valdman / Giro Sport Design
Star Hoerauf / Thrive Clothing

12:00 pm

Lunch break

Session 3: Panel & Workshop
1:00 pm

Navigating the Tension Between Design and Business
Robert Fry / Mountain Hardwear
Kurt Foster / Icebreaker
Eryn Gregory / Columbia Sportswear
Prof. Douglas Davidson / Burton Snowboards

3:00 pm

Coffee & networking

4:00 pm

Becoming Leonardo – How Great Designers Think
William Lidwell / Stuff Creators Design

After party
6:00 pm

Icebreaker TouchLab

Day 2

9:00 am

Welcome coffee

10:00 am

Design = Change
Mark Galbraith / Nau

Session 1: Presentation
11:00 am

Design Entrepreneurship and the Startup Renaissance
Mike Brown / Alpine Hammock

Session 2: Panel
11:30 am

Crowdfunding the Outdoors
Mike Brown / Alpine Hammock
Anton Willis / Oru Kayak
Danny Clancey / Homeschool Snowboarding
Ann DeOtte Kaufman / Iva Jean

12:00 pm

Lunch break

Session 3: Presentation
1:00 pm

Made in America: Local Design & Manufacturing
Matthew Burnett & Tanya Menendez / Makers Row
Sara Tunstal / Spooltown

Session 4: Presentation
2:00 pm

How to Get a Great Outdoor Product in Front of the Right Audience
Andrea Westerlind / Westerlind

Session 5: Presentation
2:30 pm

Outside the Outdoor Industry
Abe Burmeister / Outlier

3:00 pm

Coffee & networking

4:00 pm

99% Invisible Live
Roman Mars / 99% Invisible

Closing party
5:00 pm

Ecotrust roof deck


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Who Should Attend

Struktur is for active outdoor design professionals. Whether you’re a designer, work with designers, or aspire be part of the outdoor design industry, Struktur will expose you to ground-breaking ideas, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge technologies that make the outdoor industry one of the fastest growing and most influential categories of the apparel design businesses today.

To be outstanding – get comfortable with being uncomfortable. — ALRIK KOUDENBURG


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